Secure Heart Borders (EP)

by Paul Haasch

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Secure Heart Borders was first released 10/1/10, and is the artist's own heart-filled proclamation on the dangers of love filled with a spiritual and lyrical bluntness that few singer/songwriters care to explore...


released October 1, 2010

Paul Haasch: vocals/guitars, Amador Solis: drums, Dustin Robinson: piano/rhodes, Tim Moore: bass, James Barry: cello, Danny Kay:trumpets, Adam Crowell: hang drum



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Paul Haasch Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Daniel's Song
Daniel, where is your providence?
You followed her everywhere,
But before long
It didn't make much sense.

She drinks and you don't,
So she thinks that you won't be happy with her.
She cries and you fight
And you'll try another night without another word.

It's all alright-
There's no end in sight.

Hey man, won't you come around?
Seems every day man, it's getting you down
But you never see.
What will you say when she begs you to stay
And you're praying to get away-
Won't you make like a tree,
Break from this disease and leave.

Daniel, how is your sanity?
Afraid for the end,
Because you've lost all your friends
Except me.

You've been such a fool,
You see she's still in school and having fun.
But you and me- we're older now-
Free to be bolder somehow with any one.

It's not alright-
There's no end in sight.
Track Name: Can We Just Be Friends?
Girls make good friends.
Boys make a lot of mistakes
Or else we’re just mistaken.
Just when I predict what they intend
Is when my crystal ball breaks
And all my time’s forsaken.

For the longest time I thought there was love to find
But after ten long years I have lost far too many tears-
Yes, I thought this through- bidding the old me adieux
Saving myself a lot of strife if I can stay single for the rest of my life…

Please don’t let me fall again- I’m fragile.
Too many breaks, and I can no longer defend.
Please God grant me thicker skin so next time.
I’ll have the strength to say- ‘Can we just be friends?’

I can’t keep them happy for long,
But I try and I try anyway-
Thinking that I’ll learn as I go.
Where do I go wrong?
Where do I go astray?
Will I ever know?

Send every girl away- don’t want to come out to play
Because every time I do, I always come back so blue.
Yes, I know I can wait for another date-
I could just have a lot of friends because that’s how it ends anyway…

Love was just so easy once-
Now it’s just a game.
Thought I could be her lover but
I’ve only myself to blame.
Track Name: Closure
Seems this break is so much harder than the times before-
Kept awake again.
Things we say somewhere along the lines of where-
You can't play a friend.

If I see through the bitter, broken you-
Can you see me too?

Everything is gonna be alright
Keep your head held high
Time will bring closure
For you and I.

All our friends say only focus on the bad-
Hearts will mend slow...
But I won't stand to hate you for the love we had-
What the hell do they know?

So you'll heal from all the blows
But you cannot believe tomorrow we'll grow-
Can I still say, “hello”?

For half a year we tried, but in the end we parted.
I still want you by my side- just the way we started.
Our time was not mistaken- not from where I stood.
Closure is moving forward,
It doesn't have to mean closing the door for good.

And we'll sing together, and say sometime
We found that thing called 'closure' for you and I.
Track Name: 'Til I Come Home
Last call for the border-
First call for champagne.
I don't want to be sober
Once I get on that plane.

Two weeks without my lover-
I've only loved her twice that long,
And I can't help but sit and wonder:
Will she forget and move along?

Distance makes the heart grow fond
So where will her heart go when I'm gone?

I know we ain't talked out a bit about me being your man
And you can play with loves unsewn.

Every night she's flying free-
I keep calling out her name...
I've got a new set of wrinkles just thinkin' that I'm single
And I haven't been sleeping well for days.

I'm such an ass- I didn't ask- I didn't want to know,
Kept alive my vanity.
But every beautiful woman has a past
And I pray to God that she stays hot for me.

Time heals the wounded soul,
So as long as she's happy I'll still have control.

I know we ain't talked out a bit about me being your man
And you can play with loves unsewn.
But baby-
I don't want to make any crazy demands,
But you'd better save it 'til I come home.

I don't need you, but I want you.
You don't need me, but I need you to...
Track Name: How It Ends
Grace of God, will you rescue me?
Take this love away.
I've done nothing but make her bleed-
Still she's longing to stay.

When will she go?
I can't seem to deny her
Until she says to untie her.
When will I know how it ends?

Yes, it's wrong to carry on
Feeling nothing at all.
But if Cupid has come and gone
Why does she call?

When will she see
That the sweet has gone sour
And now I have the power-
When will I know
When not to pretend?
When will I know how it ends?